Fine faucet

Nobua H2flo Luxx :

a new collection inspired by nature

It is in collaboration that the most beautiful achievements are born; This is the motto of Bélanger, a company with Quebec roots that has been working in the field of fine plumbing for more than 50 years. Its latest collection, Nobua H2floLuxx, is inspired by the splendours of nature to offer a true return to the roots.

Collaborative approach

At Bélanger, inter-team collaboration is an integral part of the corporate culture. For the creation of its brand new Nobua H2flo Luxx collection, the creative team went to meet its business partners – specialty boutiques, plumbers and designers. “It’s important for us not to just push products. Internally, we have received advice from our clients. This collaborative approach allows us to take the pulse of the market and offer products that truly reflect the expectations of our local customers,” explains Marc Fortin, Director of Product Management.

Ode to nature

Stripped of superfluous features, the Nobua family “ which is added to the H2flo Luxx collection “ creates a bridge between humans and nature. The creations, at odds with ephemeral fashions and ostentatious style, are imbued with softness, introspective calm and minimalism.
“We have relied on curves that evoke those found in nature; you won’t see any sharp angle or cramped shape. Our creations evoke water and wood ” adds the marketing department.

We wanted to develop a range that would appeal to plumbers as well as designers. Attention to detail was given to both the primary party and the final rendering.

Marc Fortin, Director of Product Management at Bélanger


Innovations Flow

From ultra-refined finishing plates to rotating slimming handles to ingeniously placed multifunction push buttons, the products stand out for their refined design, both aesthetically and ergonomically.

In terms of innovations, the Director of Product Management cites bath faucets as an example, which allow a simplified experience. “Before, we had four pieces, a hand shower, two handles and a beak. Today, we offer a faucet comprised of only two pieces. All functions are integrated on the same handle” explains Marc Fortin.

A guarantee of quality and tastefulness

Synonymous with sustainability, brass has been favoured in the design of all products. No plastic parts were used in the primary parts. “Our prices remain very competitive given the quality of our products”, says Marc Fortin. In terms of finishes, faucets and shower sets are available in chrome and matte black finishes that, in recent years, “seem to be a classic in the same way as chrome.”

Nobua H2flo Luxx responds to a perceived industry need for high-end and accessible products.